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Table 3 GO biological process terms of 17 differentially expressed genes mapped to the hallmarks of cancer

From: Identification of ovarian cancer associated genes using an integrated approach in a Boolean framework

Gene/cancer hallmark HM1 HM2 HM3 HM4 HM5 HM6 HM7 HM8 HM9 HM10
KLK6   GC    G, GC      G, GC
IRAK1   GC   GC     GC   GC
CDC7 G G,GC   G, GC    GC G   
CHEK1 G G   G    G, GC G   
BUB1     G    GC    
CHEK2     G, GC    G, GC    
STC2 GC GC L L       
DAB2 GC    G, GC GC    GC   
VIM    GC    GC     
FOXL2     GC GC GC GC    
LCN2    L    L     
PGR GC          
AR GC GC   G, GC       
IGF1R   G, GC G, GC G, GC   G, GC   G GC  
IGFBP7 G, GC G   G, GC     G   
CLU    GC GC      GC  
  1. HM1: sustain growth signal, HM2: escape growth suppressor i.e. insensitivity to growth inhibitor, HM3: active invasion and metastasis, HM4: limitless replicative potential/enable replicative immortality, HM5: induce angiogenesis, HM6: resist cell death, HM7: cause genomic instability, HM8: deregulate cellular energetic, HM9: avoid immune destruction, HM10: tumor promoting inflammation, G: GATHER [71], GC: GeneCards [72], L: literature (G details in Additional file 8 and GC and L details in Additional file 9).