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Table 5 Examples of motifs or prognosis components of motifs

From: Functional analysis of microRNA and transcription factor synergistic regulatory network based on identifying regulatory motifs in non-small cell lung cancer

Motif Example Supported bya Prognosis Supported by P-valueb
I miR-106a& E2F1 PMID: 18521848 miR-106a &E2F1 &RAD51 PMID:20219352&16166473 &15956972 0.03790692
II miR-27b& ESR1 - miR-181a &TP53 &RUNX3 PMID:20363096&17401424 &15819721 0.001892851
III miR-16& MYC PMID: 22002311 miR-16 &JUN &LPL PMID:21400525&9484827 &21508119 3.311478e-06
IV miR-106a& E2F1 PMID: 22002038 miR-17 &STAT1 &ALDH1A3 PMID:22065543&20581241 &22960273 1.80563e-21
V miR-17& E2F1 PMID: 18171346 miR-21 &ESR1 &CXCL12 PMID:20508945&20109227 0.006603943
VI miR-548& MYC - Let-7d &ATF1 &GSTP1 PMID:21725603&22631637 &22045684 3.35018e-07
VII miR-20b& ESR1 PMID: 22002038 miR-200c &E2F3 &ALDH1A3 PMID:20579395&15122326 &23436614 6.592982e-22
VIII miR-152& POU2F1 PMID: 21712563 miR-141 &SOX2 & CXCL12 PMID:21445232&20532662 &16631235 1.471662e-21
IX miR-19a& ESR1 PMID: 20080637 CTNNB1 & miR-21 & SMAD7 PMID:17949785&20508945 &12584741 0.0002268908
X miR-34c-5p& MYC PMID: 22585994 GADD45A& miR-34 & P53 PMID:12171872&19736307 &22978804 2.885798e-06
  1. aSupported by: published articles in which the gene, TF, or miRNA was experimentally verified as working together or have a prognosis function.
  2. bP-value: the P-value of hypergeometric cumulative distribution to test whether the motifs were enriched with gene mutations.