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Figure 2

From: Function and design of the Nox1 system in vascular smooth muscle cells

Figure 2

Monte-Carlo simulation results for evaluating the functional effectiveness of the Nox1 disassembly system against generic criteria of responsiveness. The four panels show results of the system receiving: (a) signal S1; (b) signal S2; (c) signal S3; (d) both signals, S1 and S2. All independent fluxes are sampled from U(0, 2) in log10 space except for f14SS, which equals zero. Simultion results are shown by box-and-whisker (min-to-max) plots. The dashed red lines indicate the steady state levels of X1 under control conditions, which are always set as “1”. Numbers along the x-axis ccorrespond to indices in Table 2 and represent different initial distributions. The sampling size for each bar is 2,000 points. Details of simulation settings are given in (Additional file 1: Table S1).

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