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Figure 1

From: Optimization of personalized therapies for anticancer treatment

Figure 1

Optimization of personalized therapies. 1- We are given as input a set of patients, Boolean vectors reporting the markers status on each patient (X) and a set of drugs available for treatment. 2- A Boolean vector reporting the markers that will be used to inform treatment is specified for each drug (Y). 3- Drugs are suggested for the treatment of each patient using a drug-to-sample protocol depending on the sample and drug markers (f j (X i ,Y j )). In this example a drug is suggested for the treatment of a patient whenever they share at least one marker. 4- Finally, a sample protocol is used to specify the treatment to each patient (g). In this example the best treatment for each sample is selected. Finally, we optimize the marker assignments to drugs (Y j ), the drug-to-sample protocols (f j (X i ,Y j )) and the sample protocol (g) to obtain the maximum overall response rate, as represented in the figure by the arrow.

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