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Table 8 Split ratios of L-glutamate discounting transamination cycles

From: A metabolite-centric view on flux distributions in genome-scale metabolic models

Producing fluxes
Reaction Pathway Ratio
glutamate dehydrogenase TCA cycle 100%
Consuming fluxes
Reaction Pathway Ratio
N-acetylglutamate synthase Arg, polyamines 30.10%
glutamine synthetase Gln 23.51%
Biomass   23.51%
glutamate 5-kinase Pro 19.75%
glutamate racemase peptidoglycans 2.54%
glutamyl-tRNA synthetase cobalamin, heme 0.49%
dihydrofolate synthase folate metabolism 0.08%
  1. Total flux: 0.93 mmol gDW−1 h−1. Ratios below 0.05% not shown.
  2. Abbreviations: Arg, Gln, Pro – biosynthesis of L-amino acids.