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Table 1 Parameter values that vary when fitting Equations (4a)–(4d) to the Ma et al. data

From: Modeling mutant phenotypes and oscillatory dynamics in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae cAMP-PKA pathway

Parameter wt pde1Δ pde2Δ pde1Δ ala152 pde1Δ
M 0.01 0.0005 0.01 0.0025
D 1 0.26 1 0.54
Γ 33.6 16.8 33.6 33.6
B .0051 .0051 .0051 .0051 .51
  1. Here M is the quantitative expression of Condition (b) [see text]; D represents enhanced decay due to PKA feedback on Pde modified by Γ, the affinity of activated Pde for cAMP; B is the inactivation rate of Ras ·GTP due to Ira1/2. Also see the text for a discussion of the great overlap between columns 2 and 4.