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Table 4 Examples of modules (hyperedges) in primary and metastatic prostate cancer

From: Constructing higher-order miRNA-mRNA interaction networks in prostate cancer via hypergraph-based learning

miRNAs [exp. levels: up (+), down (−)] mRNAs [exp. levels: up (+), down (−)]
Primary prostate cancer      
hsa-miR-330-3p(−) hsa-miR-133b(+) hsa-miR-222(−) MAP1B(−) WWC3(−) CAV1(−) DHX35(−) TSHZ3(−)
hsa-miR-143(+) hsa-miR-502-5p(−) hsa-miR-548c-3p(+) ZZEF1(−) C20orf194(−) TSPYL2(−) MBD3(+) GPR132(+)
hsa-miR-19a(+) hsa-miR-133a(+) hsa-miR-153(+) BMPR1B(+) WWC3(−) PCBP4(−) TCEAL4(−) CUL4A(+)
hsa-miR-130a(+) hsa-miR-375(+) hsa-miR-19a(+) RAP1A(−) CYLD(−) SNORA71D(+) NDUFA6(−) RGS9BP(−)
hsa-miR-221(−) hsa-miR-106b(+) hsa-miR-222(−) ARSJ(−) SSPN(−) C3orf58(+) PTGDS(−) RARB(−)
hsa-miR-130a(+) hsa-miR-133a(+) hsa-miR-19a(+) VNN1(−) FGF5(+) ELOVL7(+) PHPT1(−) RND3(−)
hsa-miR-133a(+) hsa-miR-222(−) hsa-miR-130a(+) C10orf137(+) FAM108C1(+) SCRIB(+) PRKAR1A(−) MOXD1(−)
hsa-miR-130a(+) hsa-miR-149*(−) hsa-miR-26a(+) RASEF(+) TPM1(−) CRB2(−) TMEM132A(+) LIX1L(−)
hsa-miR-133b(+) hsa-miR-23b(+) hsa-miR-106b(+) PFAS(+) UNC5C(−) HLF(−) PSEN1(+) EZH2(+)
hsa-miR-145(+) hsa-miR-200c(+) hsa-miR-23b(+) TTC23(−) PARM1 (−) TOPORS(+) NEBL(−) RCAN2(−)
Metastatic prostate cancer      
hsa-miR-221(−) hsa-miR-29b(−) hsa-miR-143(−) SOX4(+) MMP2(−) RASEF(−) SOD2(−) SCN9A(+)
hsa-miR-29b(−) hsa-miR-335(−) hsa-miR-143(−) SOX4(+) MPPED1(+) ERBB3(+) HOXC4(+) SMTN(−)
hsa-miR-143(−) hsa-miR-22*(−) hsa-miR-23b(−) CDKN1A(−) HMGA1(+) PELO(−) RAB17(+) TMEM150(+)
hsa-miR-125b(−) hsa-miR-616(+) hsa-miR-143(−) TSPYL2(−) ERBB3(+) ACAD8(−) PHF15(+) TMEM16G(−)
hsa-miR-19a(−) hsa-miR-141(+) hsa-miR-145(−) PCDH20(+) DNAJC3(−) STAT3(−) ZNF385(+) ACTA2(−)
hsa-miR-133b(−) hsa-miR-145(−) hsa-miR-218(−) IRF2(−) TCF4(−) STAT5B(−) RAB2B(−) WFDC1(−)
hsa-miR-143(−) hsa-miR-145(−) hsa-miR-222(−) ITGA5(−) MAPK7(+) MAP3K2(−) RAB34(−) S100A1(+)
hsa-miR-143(−) hsa-miR-145(−) hsa-miR-214(−) FEM1A(+) ITGA5(−) NAGPA(+) C1orf142(+) ERAS(+)
hsa-miR-143(−) hsa-miR-193b(−) hsa-miR-145(−) CLINT1(−) GJA1(−) MAPK7(+) RARRES2(−) IL28A(+)
hsa-miR-221(−) hsa-miR-1(−) hsa-miR-133b(−) TPM1(−) NDFIP2(−) RAD17(−) VPS28(+) INPPd5E(+)
  1. miRNAs and their predicted targets are given in bold font. The underlined genes are the cancer genes archived in the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.