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Table 3 Gene enrichment analysis (ER+ vs. ER-)

From: New network topology approaches reveal differential correlation patterns in breast cancer

Category Catalog DCloc DCglob
   N p N p
Extracellular matrix GOTERM_CC_FAT 60 9.6E-13 29 2.8E-01
Cell adhesion GOTERM_BP_FAT 80 2.0E-07 43 5.5E-01
Cell cycle GOTERM_BP_FAT 79 2.2E-05 63 3.7E-03
Immune response GOTERM_BP_FAT 70 6.4E-05   n.s.
Growth factor binding GOTERM_MF_FAT 22 1.5E-04   n.s.
Organelle fission GOTERM_BP_FAT 30 1.6E-03 24 4.2E-02
ECM-receptor interaction KEGG_PATHWAY 18 3.9E-03   n.s.
Ribosome KEGG_PATHWAY 18 5.5E-03   n.s.
Oxidoreductase SP_PIR_KEYWORDS 42 8.3E-02 42 2.2E-02
  1. The table shows the most significantly enriched biological themes in the lists of 770 (DCloc) and 630 (DCglob) DC genes. For each functional category, the number of genes in the category (N) and the significance of enrichment (Benjamini-Hochberg corrected p-value) are shown. Some of the findings of DCglob are not significant (n.s.).