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Table 2 The 12 GeneGO's pathways shared by at least four stages among datasets

From: Identifying novel glioma associated pathways based on systems biology level meta-analysis

Pathway Name Pubmed Count*
Chemokines and adhesion 687
Cell cycle (generic schema) 1122
TGF, WNT and cytoskeletal remodeling 380
WNT signalling pathway. Part 1. Degradation of beta-catenin in the absence WNT signalling 44
WNT signalling pathway. Part 2 44
Cytoskeleton remodeling 1
Role of IAP-proteins in apoptosis 0
Regulation of G1/S transition (part 1) 0
NOTCH1-mediated pathway for NF-KB activity modulation 0
Regulation of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) 0
TGF-beta-dependent induction of EMT via SMADs 0
Non-genomic (rapid) action of Androgen Receptor 0