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Table 6 Topics found by GeneTopics for GWA studies measuring metabolite level changes

From: GeneTopics - interpretation of gene sets via literature-driven topic models

Topic Topic words pvalue
Topic 23 liver, human, glucuronidation, activities, metabolic, microsomal, enzyme, p450, ugts, ugt1a9, ugt1a1, udpglucuronosyltransferase, ugt1a6, substrate, ugt1a7, cyp3a5, ahr, drug, hepatitis, metabolites 2.29E-19
Topic 28 enzyme, activities, substrate, structure, acid, cytochrome, residues, purified, reaction, inhibited, oxidation, formed, inhibitor, dehydrogenase, electron, ph, crystal, coli, binding, production 1.73E-08
Topic 22 apo, lipoprotein, apolipoproteins, cholesterol, lipids, plasma, hdl, triglyceride, lipase, apoa, apoc, ldl, tg, level, metabolic, el, cetp, particles, density, hepatitis 3.55E-05
Topic 17 patients, or, treatment, study, clinic, groups, diseases, therapy, tested, years, method, assessed, evaluate, response, cases, who, p, rate, after, treated 7.63E-05
Topic 5 level, increased, p, rat, after, activities, effect, groups, concentration, control, decreased, or, mrna, days, compared, not, h, plasma, blood, higher 0.000175
Topic 4 transporter, uptake, renal, acid, organization, cation, kidney, cotransporter, membranes, amino, taurine, choline, intestinal, rat, apical, anions, octn2, tubule, microm, drug 0.000581
Topic 38 associated, polymorphism, allele, genotype, gene, variants, risk, study, patients, genetic, p, or, population, control, diseases, 95, snps, haplotype, frequency, significance 0.004274
Topic 16 mutations, patients, gene, deficiency, syndrome, caused, family, diseases, disorders, phenotype, identified, genetic, analysis, clinic, reporter, defective, severely, cases, exons, affected 0.011144