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Table 1 The classification of protein properties

From: PREAL: prediction of allergenic protein by maximum Relevance Minimum Redundancy (mRMR) feature selection

Property type Category Amino acid
Hydrophobicity Polar R, K, E, D, Q, N
  Neutral G, A, S, T, P, H, Y
  Hydrophobic C, V, L, I,M, F,W
Polarizability 0-0.108 G, A, S, D, T
  0.128-0.186 C, P, N, V, E, Q, I, L
  0.219-0.409 K, M, H, F, R, Y, W
NVV a 0-2.78 G, A, S, C, T, P, D
  2.95-4.0 N, V, E, Q, I, L
  4.43-8.08 M, H, K, F, R, Y, W
Polarity 4.9-6.2 L, I, F, W, C, M, V, Y
  8.0-9.2 P, A, T, G, S
  10.4-13.0 H, Q, R, K, N, E, D
SSP b Helix Predicted by SSpro [31]
Solvent Buried Predicted by ACCpro [32]
  1. anormalized van der Waals volume; bsecondary structure propensity.