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Figure 2

From: Inferring functional transcription factor-gene binding pairs by integrating transcription factor binding data with transcription factor knockout data

Figure 2

The algorithmic scheme to extract functional TF-gene binding pairs. We used a network approach to combine the ChIP-chip data and the TFKO data. The central notion of our method is based on the deduced hypostatic TF-gene regulation. This extended the low overlap between the binding data and the TFKO data. For a given TF-gene binding pair, we first sought for regulation evidence for this pair. The regulation evidence can be either the direct literature-curated TFKO TF-gene regulation or the deduced hypostatic TF-gene regulation. Then we calculated the confidence for the TF-gene regulation by comparing the regulation pair with the same pairs in randomly generated TFKO networks. A final RCS was calculated for confidence measurement. A TF-gene binding pair is called functional if it also has confident TF-gene regulation information (with RCS > 1000).

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