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Figure 6

From: Inferring functional transcription factor-gene binding pairs by integrating transcription factor binding data with transcription factor knockout data

Figure 6

Expression coherence validation. Functional binding target genes of TFs identified by different methods were validated by expression coherence comparison under 40 different expression conditions. Note that the total numbers of TFs in each chart differ and correspond to the number of common TFs between those available from the method under comparison and from this study. And also note that the bars may not add up to 100 since some of the TF functional binding gene sets may have statistically invariant average expression correlations between this study and the method under comparison. a) Our results compared with results of the LLS method (62 common TFs). b) Our results compared with results of the ECS method (46 common TFs). c) Our results compared with results of the MA method (18 common TFs).

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