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Figure 2

From: Extinction, coexistence, and localized patterns of a bacterial population with contact-dependent inhibition

Figure 2

Representative time course evolutions of the competing two-species population in one dimensional space with a growth advantage ( α / β ) of 3.5 and an inhibition ( c 1 ) of 2.1. Coexistence of the CDI+ and CDI- species may appear in certain parameter sets (Panel A and B). However, localized patterns will merge and eventually disappear with the increase of the diffusion constant for both species (Panel A: D = 0.001, Panel B: D = 0.01, and Panel C: D = 0.1). The same set of initial conditions are used for all of the panels. Here, only the spatiotemporal distributions of the concentration of species u (CDI-) are shown in the panels due to the mutual exclusion features of the two competing species. Those of the other species (CDI+, v) are available in Additional file 1: Figure S1–3.

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