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Table 4 MetaCore enrichment for disease processes in the OI-MET-TF gene set

From: A bioinformatics approach reveals novel interactions of the OVOL transcription factors in the regulation of epithelial – mesenchymal cell reprogramming and cancer progression

Disease phenotype % of genes annotated for: p-Value
Pathologic processes 84.0 8.6E-46
Rheumatic diseases 72.0 9.2E-44
Connective tissue diseases 72.0 4.9E-40
Arthritis 70.7 3.2E-41
Joint diseases 70.7 7.1E-41
Arthritis, rheumatoid 69.3 1.8E-42
Inflammation 62.7 1.8E-46
Dry eye syndromes 54.7 3.4E-43
Lacrimal apparatus diseases 54.7 3.4E-43
Sjogren’ s syndrome 53.3 1.4E-43
Xerostomia 53.3 1.4E-43
Salivary gland diseases 53.3 5.4E-40
  1. Disease phenotypes consistent with cancers, as well as inflammation are enriched in annotation for the OI-MET-TF set. (Note that p-values are not adjusted for multiple hypothesis tests).