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Table 3 Experimental data for the kinetic parameters of E. coli chemotaxis

From: Understanding system dynamics of an adaptive enzyme network from globally profiled kinetic parameters

    Description     Reactiona Eq7b k(s-1) K Notesc[Reference]
Receptor Complex Demethylation B P + A m K BA B P A m k BA B P + A v A2 1.2 0.08 k exp = 1.2 s-1[46] and K exp = 0.39 μ M [46]; k BA  = k exp and K BA = K exp/[At].
CheB A m + B K AB A m B k AB A m + B P v B1 3.2 0.281 k exp = 3.2 s-1[37] and K exp = 1.405 μ M [37]; k AB  = k exp and K AB = K exp/[Bt].
CheB B P k F B B B v B2 0.35 - k exp = 0.7 s-1 at 35°C, or 0.35 s-1 at 25°C [47]; k FBB  = k exp .
CheY A m + C K AC A m C k AC A m + C P v C1 650 0.36 k exp = 650 s-1[48] and K exp = 6.5 μ M [48]; k AC  = k exp and K AC = K exp/[Ct].
CheY F C + C P K F C C F C C P k F C C F C + C v C2 30 0.006 k exp = 650 s-1[34] and K exp = 0.1 μ M [34]; k FCC  = k exp and K FCC = K exp/[Ct].
  1. aSuperscript m denotes methylated form and superscript p denotes phosphorylated form.
  2. bEach biochemical reaction is equivalent to the process of activation (v n1 ) or deactivation (v n2 ) (n = A, B, and C) as indicated in the NFBLB model (see equation (7) in Methods).
  3. cTotal concentrations for the CheA-bound receptor complex ([At]), CheB ([Bt]) and CheY ([Ct]) are 5.0 μM [34], 2.27 μM [37] and 17.9 μM [34], respectively. Superscript exp denotes experimental measurement.