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Table 3 List of annotated plasma metabolites having a significant correlation with polyp counts in association with a Genotype by Diet interaction effect

From: Metabolomics of Apc Min/+ mice genetically susceptible to intestinal cancer

Metabolite HMDB CAS KEGG p.val Adj.p.val
Uracil HMDB00300 66-22-8 C00106 2.555E-11 2.130E-10
Palmetoleic acid HMDB03229 373-49-9 C08362 2.311E-02 3.533E-02
Serine HMDB00187 56-45-1 C00065 5.215E-02 3.533E-02
Glycine 2TMS HMDB00123 56-40-6 C00037 9.164E-02 3.533E-02
Glucose HMDB00122 50-99-7 C00031 1.203E-01 3.533E-02
Methionine HMDB00696 63-68-3 C00073 1.339E-01 3.533E-02
Palmitate HMDB00220 57-10-3 C00249 1.419E-01 3.533E-02
Gluconic acid HMDB00625 526-95-4 C00257 1.432E-01 3.533E-02
Stearic acid HMDB00827 57-11-4 C01530 1.457E-01 3.533E-02
Tryptophane HMDB00929 73-22-3 C02983 1.481E-01 3.533E-02
Glycerol-1-phosphate HMDB00126 57-03-4 C00093 1.507E-01 3.533E-02
Erytrithol   149-32-6   1.595E-01 3.533E-02
Threonine HMDB00167 72-19-5 C00188 1.735E-01 3.533E-02
Fumarate HMDB00134 110-17-8 C00122 1.744E-01 3.533E-02
Hippuric acid HMDB00714 495-69-2 C01586 1.786E-01 3.533E-02
1-Monopalmitin     1.829E-01 3.533E-02
Cholesterol HMDB00067 57-88-5 C00249 1.924E-01 3.533E-02
Phenylalanine HMDB00159 63-91-2 C00079 2.023E-01 3.533E-02
Glutamic acid HMDB00134 110-17-8 C00122 2.046E-01 3.533E-02
Lysine HMDB00182 56-87-1 C00047 2.158E-01 3.533E-02
Proline HMDB00162 147-85-3 C00148 2.290E-01 3.533E-02
Creatinine HMDB00562 60-27-5 C00791 2.331E-01 3.533E-02
Succinic acid HMDB00254 110-15-6 C00042 2.355E-01 3.533E-02
2-Monopalmitin   19670-51-0   2.428E-01 3.533E-02
1,2 Dipalmitin   761-35-3   2.600E-01 3.533E-02
Norleucine HMDB01645 327-57-1 C01933 2.633E-01 3.533E-02
Ascorbic acid HMDB00044 50-81-7 C00072 2.716E-01 3.533E-02
Urea HMDB00294 57-13-6 C00086 2.756E-01 3.533E-02
Nicotinamide HMDB01406 98-92-0 C00153 2.932E-01 3.584E-02
Pyrophosphate HMDB00250 14000-31-8 C00013 2.992E-01 3.584E-02
Alanine HMDB00161 56-41-7 C00041 3.127E-01 3.670E-02
Ribose-5-phosphate HMDB01548 3615-55-2 C00117 3.287E-01 3.756E-02
1,3-Dipalmitin HMDB31011 502-52-3   3.372E-01 3.763E-02
2-Amino adipic acid HMDB00510 542-32-5 C00956 3.440E-01 3.763E-02
Pyroglutamic acid HMDB00267 98-79-3 C01879 3.553E-01 3.763E-02
Glutamine HMDB00641 56-85-9 C00064 3.568E-01 3.763E-02
Pyruvate HMDB00243 127-17-3 C00022 3.569E-01 3.763E-02
Valine HMDB00883 72-18-4 C00183 3.790E-01 3.769E-02
Inositol phosphate HMDB34220 551-72-4 C06151 3.879E-01 3.769E-02
Malic acid HMDB00744 6915-15-7 C00711 4.790E-01 4.158E-02
Glycerol HMDB00131 56-81-5 C00116 5.514E-01 4.642E-02
Glycine HMDB00123 56-40-6 C00037 5.824E-01 4.805E-02
  1. Raw p-values from the Generalized Linear Model are reported with pFDR-adjusted p-values as described in the ‘Methods’ section. Metabolites with pFDR ≤ 0.05 are shown and ranked by pFDR-adjusted or equivalently by raw p-values. Accession numbers from the Human Metabolome Database accession (HMDB), the Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) databases, and Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) are provided. Only annotated compounds of the list of significant compounds are shown here. The full list with hyperlinked accession numbers is provided in (Additional file 9: Table S5).