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Table 4 Comparison of our method with other feature selection methods.

From: Genes associated with genotype-specific DNA methylation in squamous cell carcinoma as candidate drug targets

Method Nsp Sty
   (Sty1   Sty2)
Present 68 81   50
Pearson 49   14  
Spearman 39   18  
PLS 7   13  
Stepclass --   --  
lasso --   --  
  1. The number of SNPs selected in common between the top-ranked 300 SNPs in genotype and DNA methylationusing various methods. Present, this study; Pearson, Pearson correlation coefficients based method; Spearman, Spearman correlation coefficients based method; PLS, partial least squares based method; Stepclass, stepclass (R function that executes iterative feature selection) based method; and lasso: Lasso based method. Nsp and Sty are the microarray data sets used in the study. Sty1 and Sty2 correspond to the PC4 for genotype (Figures 4d and 6b)/PC3 for DNA methylation (Figures 5c and 6c) and the PC3 for genotype (Figures 4c and 6a)/PC4 for DNA methylation (Figures 5d and 6d) combinations of PCs.