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Table 1 Categorization of 14 sets of PCTFPs based on data sources utilized.

From: A comprehensive performance evaluation on the prediction results of existing cooperative transcription factors identification algorithms

Data sources utilized Related studies # of PCTFPs
ChIP-chip data Harbison et al. 94
  Datta and Zhao 25
  Yu et al. 300
  Chen et al. 221
ChIP-chip data and
gene expression data
Banerjee and Zhang 31
  Tsai et al. 18
  Chang et al. 55
  He et al. 30
ChIP-chip data and
PPI data
Nagamine et al. 24
ChIP-chip data and
TF knockout data
Yang et al. 186
ChIP-chip data,
gene expression data and
PWM data
Chuang et al. 13
ChIP-chip data,
gene expression data and
TFBS data
Wang J 14
ChIP-chip data,
TFBS data,
PPI data and
MIPS complex catalogue data
Wang Y et al. 159
Gene expression data Elati et al. 20