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Table 4 Co-regulated genes of CCT8 identified by the proposed RS measure

From: A regulatory similarity measure using the location information of transcription factor binding sites in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Gene list Uniqueness1
RPN8, THI12, GTF1, GBP2, NOP7, YOR262W, NUP84, MDM32, TMA108, NUP85, URB2, MSO1 0
THR4, PRE8, SEC65, ISN1 1
RCF1, MRPL16, TIF11, RPN3, CYM1, YGL010W, URA7, RPA12, YNL144W-A, SCL1, EMC4 2
CSH1, YLR030W, RPL15A 3
  1. 1Number of RS measures among the five compared ones (Table 1) that also identified the genes. For example, the uniqueness of RPN8 is 0, indicating that it is only identified by the proposed RS measure but not identified by the five compared ones.