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Table 1 BiCluster Quality Score on M. pneumoniae (MPN)

From: Bicluster Sampled Coherence Metric (BSCM) provides an accurate environmental context for phenotype predictions

  Non-BSCM BSCM Significance
n 125 125  
Score -12.26 -12.34 2.40E-003
Improved Score 75/125 50/125 9.84E-003
Mean p-value 0.129 0.109 2.20E-016
cMonkey Version 4.8.2 4.8.2  
  1. Non-BSCM refers to cMonkey runs that used the classical cMonkey cluster coherence score. BSCM refers to the new coherence p-value discussed in this paper. n refers to the number of cMonkey runs. Score refers to the average cluster score used to determine bicluster quality in cMonkey (lower is better). Improved Score refers to the number of cMonkey runs in which a coherence scoring method has a lower Score. Mean p-value refers to the average p-value for all experiments in all clusters for all cMonkey runs. Significance p-value compares the old to the new using a t- test for Score, binomial distribution for Improved Score, and t-test for Mean p-value.