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Table 1 Training/validation data sets for each artificial systems A, B and C, with four different ω ij intervals.

From: Evaluating a common semi-mechanistic mathematical model of gene-regulatory networks

  ANN training data ANN validation data
ω−value A B C A B C
{-1, 0, +1} T(A1,ANN) T(B1,ANN) T(C1,ANN) V(A1,ANN) V(B1,ANN) V(C1,ANN)
{-5, 0, +5} T(A5,ANN) T(B5,ANN) T(C5,ANN) V(A5,ANN) V(B5,ANN) V(C5,ANN)
{-10, 0, +10} T(A10,ANN) T(B10,ANN) T(C10,ANN) V(A10,ANN) V(B10,ANN) V(C10,ANN)
{-20, 0, +20} T(A20,ANN) T(B20,ANN) T(C20,ANN) V(A20,ANN) V(B20,ANN) V(C20,ANN)
  Hill training data Hill validation data
  A B C A B C
{-1, 0, +1} T(A1,Hill) T(B1,Hill) T(C1,Hill) V(A1,Hill) V(B1,Hill) V(C1,Hill)
{-5, 0, +5} T(A5,Hill) T(B5,Hill) T(C5,Hill) V(A5,Hill) V(B5,Hill) V(C5,Hill)
{-10, 0, +10} T(A10,Hill) T(B10,Hill) T(C10,Hill) V(A10,Hill) V(B10,Hill) V(C10,Hill)
{-20, 0, +20} T(A20,Hill) T(B20,Hill) T(C20,Hill) V(A20,Hill) V(B20,Hill) V(C20,Hill)