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Table 1 Data-set for information fusion

From: Sensitivity analysis of biological Boolean networks using information fusion based on nonadditive set functions

Node x 1 x 2 x n y
1 f 1(x 1) f 1(x 2) f 1(x n ) y 1
2 f 2(x 1) f 2(x 2) f 2(x n ) y 2
T f T (x 1) f T (x 2) f T (x n ) y T
T+1 f T+1(x 1) f T+1(x 2) f T+1(x n ) y T+1
N f N (x 1) f N (x 2) f N (x n ) y N
  1. The first T lines correspond to the training set, while the remaining lines correspond to the testing set. The attribute values are labeled with x, while the target values are labeled with y.