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Table 2 Significantly correlated effects and associated absolute Pearson's correlation coefficients (| r| )

From: Modeling the dependence of respiration and photosynthesis upon light, acetate, carbon dioxide, nitrate and ammonium in Chlamydomonas reinhardtiiusing design of experiments and multiple regression

Factor 1 Factor 2 |r|
[Acetate]*[CO2] [Acetate] 0.7135
Light*[CO2] Light 0.6968
[NH4 +]*[CO2] [NH4 +] 0.7092
[NO3 -]*[CO2] [NO3 -] 0.7135
[Acetate]*[Acetate] [NO3 -]*[NO3 -] 0.5940
  1. The symbol "*" is used to represent second-order effects (quadratic or interactions) of individual factors.