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Figure 7

From: Evolution of context dependent regulation by expansion of feast/famine regulatory proteins

Figure 7

Deletion of VNG1237C decelerates growth and delays time to maximum growth rate. Growth rate of ura3 VNG1237C was significantly decelerated (Student’s T-test p-Value =7.8 x 10−3) and had a significant delay of 6.1 hours in the time to maximum growth rate (Student’s T-test p-Value =8.9 x 10−4) in comparison to the ura3 control strain. The time to maximum growth rate are shown using vertical lines to the growth curves (ura3 VNG1237C strain =30.8 hours and ura3 control strain =24.7 hours). Standard errors for the three biological replicates at each 30 minute time point in the growth curves are shown as shaded black or red regions.

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