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Table 2 Metabolic pathways altered by developmental temperature in females

From: Invariance and plasticity in the Drosophila melanogastermetabolomic network in response to temperature

Pathway (a) Overlap size (b) Pathway size (c) Overlap features (id) (d)
Glycogen degradation I 8 9 GLC-1-P, Alpha-Glucose, Maltotetraose, GLC, Maltotriose, GLC-6-P, Maltose, Alpha-GLC-6-P
Lactose/Melibiose degradation III 4 4 Lactose, Melibiose, Galactose, GLC
Trehalose biosynthesis I 3 4 Trehalose-6P, Trehalose, Alpha-GLC-6-P
tRNA charging pathway 6 19 Val, Pro, Thr, Phe, Arg, Trp
Salvage pathways of adenine, hypoxanthine, and their nucleosides 7 15 Xanthine, Adenine, Inosine, Deoxyadenosine, Deoxyinosine, AMP, Hypoxanthine
Zymosterol biosynthesis 5 10 Zymosterol,CPD-4702,CPD-4581,CPD-4575,NADP,44-Dimethyl-Choleta-812-24-Trienol
Sphingosine and sphingosine-1-phosphate metabolism 4 8 CPD3DJ-11366, NADP, Sphingosine, Palmitaldehyde
  1. Metabolic pathways (a) identified as enriched in the set of metabolites affected by developmental temperature in adult female flies. The number of metabolites in the input list that overlapped (b) with the reference list of all metabolites after quality control (c), along with the identification of these metabolites (d) is shown.