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Figure 4

From: Iron acquisition and oxidative stress response in aspergillus fumigatus

Figure 4

Model simulation results and experimental time course data following a switch from low iron, low superoxide to high iron, low superoxide conditions.(A) Gene expression from a qRT-PCR experiment conducted in this study. (C), (E) Gene expression from a microarray experiment by Schrettl et al., 2008 for a wild type and Δ sreA strain, respectively [13]. (B), (D), (F), (H) Simulated trajectories for corresponding model species plotted as the average state at each time step across 100 stochastic simulations. (G) All simulations were initialized from this state representing iron starvation. In (H) trajectories are generated by a model with post-translational regulation of HapX and SreA by iron (PTL) and an altered model with transcriptional regulation of hapX and sreA by iron (TS).

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