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Fig. 7

From: Inference of spatiotemporal effects on cellular state transitions from time-lapse microscopy

Fig. 7

Expected frequencies of sister pairs reveal if the model can account for the observed genealogical correlations. a Comparison of the observed and expected frequencies of sister pairs (both, one, or none undergoing a state transition) of the dataset used throughout Fig. 4 a-c shows no significant difference (p=0.21, χ 2-test, see Methods). Fitting the same data, but not accounting for the ϕ 5,ϕ 6 features causes significant deviations from the expected frequencies (p=1.3·10−6). b P-values of the χ 2-test (average and standard deviation over 10 replicates) to compare the observed and expected frequencies of sister pairs against amount of tracking error for the density dependent scenario. For tracking errors <5 %, the method correctly concludes that the frequencies of observed sister pairs are in agreement with the model (applying a significance threshold of α=0.05, red dashed line)

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