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Table 5 Sums of possible periods for gene expression behavior in the central ring/external ring/oral ectoderm

From: Analysis of a spatial gene expression database for sea anemone Nematostella vectensis during early development

Two-stage period Possible counts Percentages
Blastula-early gastrula (9:1:0) (90:10:0)
Early gastrula-mid gastrula (9:3:0) (75:25:0)
Mid gastrula-late gastrula (13:3:0) (81:19:0)
Late gastrula-early planula (8:3:0) (73:27:0)
Early planula-planula (7:1:1) (78:11:11)
Planula-late planula (4:0:0) (100:0:0)
  1. For each period, the possible changes in gene expression (minor change:major change:vanished) are added in the second column and expressed as percentages in the third column