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Fig. 8

From: Tracing regulatory routes in metabolism using generalised supply-demand analysis

Fig. 8

The most significant partial response coefficients contributing towards \({R^{J_{6}}_{\phi _{N}}}\) separated into elasticity and control coefficients. Elasticity coefficients (dashed lines) and control coefficients (solid lines) that make up the partial response coefficients of Fig. 7 are shown. Here \(\protect \phantom {\dot {i}\!}{C^{J_{6}}_{v_{6}}} {\varepsilon ^{v_{6}}_{\phi _{N}}} = {{~\!\!}^{v_{6}}R^{J_{6}}_{\phi _{N}}}\), \(\protect \phantom {\dot {i}\!}{C^{J_{6}}_{v_{7}}} {\varepsilon ^{v_{7}}_{{\phi _{N}}}} = {{~\!\!}^{v_{7}}R^{J_{6}}_{{\phi _{N}}}}\) and \(\protect \phantom {\dot {i}\!}{C^{J_{6}}_{v_{3}}} {\varepsilon ^{v_{3}}_{{\phi _{N}}}} = {{~\!\!}^{v_{3}}R^{J_{6}}_{{\phi _{N}}}}\). The steady-state value of ϕ N is indicated as a vertical dotted line (see Table 1)

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