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Table 2 (Semi-) Quantitative information extracted from literature used for the calibration of the model

From: Differentiation resistance through altered retinoblastoma protein function in acute lymphoblastic leukemia: in silico modeling of the deregulations in the G1/S restriction point pathway

Property Value Source
1.pRb phosphorylation levels
1.a   hyper-pRb domination in BCP-ALL cells qualitative ALL-specific:
1.b   hypo-pRb positive BCP-ALL cells 16 % (±13.2 %)
1.c   hypo-pRb detection threshold 3000 (molecules/cell) Generic: derived by reference model simulation ([40] and Additional file 2)
2.Cell Kinetics
2.a   Cycling cells 94 % ALL-specific:
2.b   Quiescent cells 2 % ALL-specific:
[28, 29]
2.c   Apoptotic cells 4 % ALL-specific:
2.d   Cycling cells in S/G2/M phases 10 % ALL-specific:
2.e   Cycling cells in G1 phase 84 % ALL-specific:
Derived from 2.a-d (see Additional file 2)
2.f   Cycling cells in early-G1 13.7 % ALL-specific:
Derived from 1.b. and 2.a. (see Additional file 2)
3.Cell cycle Timings
3.a   Mean Cell cycle duration of BCP-ALL cells (T c ) 112.5 h (±46.8 h)a ALL-specific:
3.b   S-phase duration in BCP-ALL cells (T s ) 18 h
3.c   G2-phase duration 6 h Generic:
3.d   M-phase duration 1 h
3.e   Mean G1-phase duration in BCP-ALL cells 87.5 h (±46.8 h) Derived from 3.a-d (see Additional file 2)
  Estimated realistic time-range for G1/S transition in BCP-ALL ~2400 - ~8000 min
3.f.   early-G1 phase duration in BCP-ALL cells ~800 min Derived from 2.f and 3.e (see Additional file 2)
3.g.   S-phase midpoint 9 h after G1/S transition ALL-specific (see Additional file 2)
4.Cyclin A levels
4.a   S-phase passage levels 300 (molecules/cell) Generic: derived by reference model simulation ([40] and Additional file 2)
4.b   Levels (rate) before activating modifier activation <150 (molecules/cell) (<=0 ((molecules/cell)/min))
4.c   Levels after activating modifier activation <300 (molecules/cell)
4.d   Levels at the midpoint of S-phase 470 (molecules/cell)
5.Cyclin D levels
    Maximum difference between the initial and the instant levels 500 (molecules/cell) Generic: derived by reference model simulation [40]
  1. aMean (±standard deviation)