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Table 1 Sample sorted measure table used to define threshold list

From: petal: Co-expression network modelling in R

Index Gene1 Gene2 Measure value
1 g e n e u g e n e w 1
2 g e n e q g e n e r 0.98
m−1 g e n e t g e n e q t first
150×m g e n e q g e n e s t last
m(m−1)/2 g e n e w g e n e p -1
  1. Sorted measure table for correlation values ranging between [−1,1], value of 1 represents the strongest correlation. m is the number of genes; p,q,r,s,t,u,w are values within [ 1,m]; t first and t last are the first and last threshold values of the threshold list, respectively