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Table 1 Difference of impact in the combinatorial action of edge deletions

From: Identification of control targets in Boolean molecular network models via computational algebra

Controllers applied


Basin size of y 0

m d m2→p53


35581 (54.29 %)

p53→W i p1


p53→W i p1

A control set that

39856 (60.82 %)

M d m2→p21

forces y 0 to be


M d m2→p53

a fixed point, from


p21→C a s p a s e

Eq. 11.


m d m2→p53

A control set to make

65536 (100 %)

p53→W i p1

y 0 a fixed point


m d m2→p21

and for blocking


p21→C a s p a s e

the transition in red


A T MR b

at Fig. 3.


m d m2→R b


m d m xp53


R bE2F1


B c l2→B a x

  1. Control edges that increase the basin of attraction of cell death represented by y 0 in Eq. 9. There are 216=65536 possible states. The number in parentheses is the ratio between the basin size and the total number of states