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Fig. 3

From: Subtype-specific CpG island shore methylation and mutation patterns in 30 breast cancer cell lines

Fig. 3

Genome wide profiling identifies differences methylation status among breast cancer subtypes. a Average genome wide methylation plot of CpG islands and flanking regions, i.e., CpGI shores. -500, 500 in x-axis represents ±500bp from each end of CpGI, and 0, 50, 100% represents relative range within CpGI. b Heatmap demonstrates average methylation levels of each CpG island and CpGI shore within tumor subtypes. c Statistical significance of differential methylation at CpG islands and CpG island shore regions tested by ANOVA and adjusted by Bonferroni correction. Y-axis represents -log10 based adjust P-value. d Bar plot and line plot represent average methylation level of adjacent area between CpGI and CpGI shore region from a normal-like TCGA breast cancer sample, a invasive ductal carcinoma with negative margins for malignancy, measured by WGBS and from a normal sample obtained from [14] study measured by MBDcap sequencing respectively. Left and right side of y-axis shows methylation level measured by WGBS and MBDcap sequencing respectively

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