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Table 2 Percent change in model-predicted biomass production (growth) of C. difficile in different conditions

From: Making life difficult for Clostridium difficile: augmenting the pathogen’s metabolic model with transcriptomic and codon usage data for better therapeutic target characterization

Microarray data accession Condition % change in
number/database   biomass (h −1)
  Heat shock from 30 °C to 43 °C 24.3%
  Sub-MIC level of amoxicillin 27.4%
  Sub-MIC level of clindamycin 16.6%
  Sub-MIC level of metronidazole 2.3%
  BHI broth 1.0%
  Supplementation of 10mM cysteine 1.1%
  1. The microarray data for each condition was obtained from the GEO or ArrayExpress databases, using the specified accession numbers. The differential gene expression levels obtained from analysis of this microarray data was used to make a metabolic model for each condition. These context-specific metabolic models were used to predict change in biomass production for each condition compared with the control of each microarray dataset