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Table 2 Values at which problematic parameters were fixed in the cross-calibration stage

From: Dynamic genome-scale metabolic modeling of the yeast Pichia pastoris

Parameter Fixation value Units Reference
v G,max 6 mmol/g DCW ·h [63]
K G 0.0027 g/L [63]
v EtOH,B 0 mmol/g DCW ·h -
v Pyr,B 0 mmol/g DCW ·h -
v Arab,B 0 mmol/g DCW ·h -
v Cit,B 0 mmol/g DCW ·h -
v EtOH,FB 1.21 mmol/g DCW ·h *
v Pyr,FB 0.14 mmol/g DCW ·h *
v Arab,FB 0.15 mmol/g DCW ·h *
v Cit,FB 0.008 mmol/g DCW ·h *
α B 0 [−] [85]
α FB 0 [−] [85]
m ATP 2.18 mmol/g DCW ·h [43]
T Fed 22 h *
  1. Parameters marked with ‘-’ in the reference column indicate that no a priori value was assumed for that particular parameter, which is the case for the batch minimum secretion rates. ‘*’ means that the value of a particular parameter was fixed at the mean value achieved in the calibrations, because no information about them could be found in the literature