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Fig. 15

From: Optimisation of an exemplar oculomotor model using multi-objective genetic algorithms executed on a GPU-CPU combination

Fig. 15

Fits of the oculomotor model to experimental saccadic velocity profiles. Each plot shows the optimised profiles obtained for saccade amplitudes of 5, 10 and 20 degs. using different methods for selecting the final solution. The target saccadic velocity profiles are plotted in red; the optimised saccadic velocity profiles obtained from 16 independent NSGA-II runs with a population size of 8000 are plotted in black. On each plot, the vertical axis represents the horizontal eye velocity in degrees per second (°/s), with positive values denoting rightward eye velocities. Time is in seconds (s). a Optimal fits obtained using selection method I (selects the solution that minimises the Euclidean distance of the Pareto front from the origin of objective space). b Optimal fits obtained using method II (best fit to a 5 deg. saccade). c Optimal fits obtained using method III (best fit to a 10 deg. saccade). d Optimal fits obtained using method IV (best fit to a 20 deg. saccade)

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