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Fig. 4

From: Clostridium butyricum maximizes growth while minimizing enzyme usage and ATP production: metabolic flux distribution of a strain cultured in glycerol

Fig. 4

PDO yields using glucose and glycerol co-fermentation. a Comparison of experimental (scatter dots with standard deviation as error bars [78]) and FVA range prediction (Vertical boxes) of YPDO/S in the function of the glucose/glycerol uptake flux ratio. b Maximum YPDO/S predicted using FVA at different glucose and glycerol uptake fluxes. A ratio of glucose/glycerol uptake fluxes greater than or equal to 0.375 allows a complete conversion of glycerol to PDO (YPDO/S = 1). By contrast, PDO production is 0 without glycerol uptake flux (YPDO/S = 0)

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