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Table 1 List of variables (in units of g/ cm3)

From: Combination therapy for melanoma with BRAF/MEK inhibitor and immune checkpoint inhibitor: a mathematical model

Notation Description
H HMGB-1 concentration
N C Density of necrotic cancer cells
D Density of DCs
T 1 Density of activated CD 4+ T cells
T 8 Density of activated CD 8+ T cells
T r Density of activated Treg cells
M Density of activated MDSCs
C Density of cancer cells
I 12 IL-12 concentration
I 2 IL-2 concentration
T β TGF- β concentration
I 6 IL-6 concentration
I 10 IL-10 concentration
P PD-1 concentration
L PD-L1 concentration
Q PD-1-PD-L1 concentration
A Anti-PD-1 concentration
B BRAF/MEK inhibitor concentration