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Fig. 4

From: A framework to find the logic backbone of a biological network

Fig. 4

Sufficient and necessary subgraphs. a JIAF is a necessary subgraph where I and A are sufficient regulators of the subgraph’s target, F, and the subgraph’s source J is necessary for each of these. AHFBGCD is a sufficient subgraph where G, F and C are the necessary regulators of the target node D and the source node A is sufficient for each of these regulators. AHFBGDCNMELK is a sufficient subgraph where E is a necessary regulator and L is a sufficient inhibitory regulator of the target node K and the source A is sufficient for E while it is sufficient inhibitory for L. b Flowchart illustrating the application of the algorithm to identify the sufficient subgraph AHFBGCD from the network in panel A. The abbreviations used for causal logic implications are as follows: s-sufficient; n-necessary; si-sufficient inhibitor

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