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Fig. 2

From: Use of transcriptomic data for extending a model of the AppA/PpsR system in Rhodobacter sphaeroides

Fig. 2

Transcriptomic patterns of pucB gene obtained from combining publically available micro-array data. Here, gene expression data is shown with the symmetric error of one standard deviation. a We present the data obtained after normalisation and combination of the micro-array data. The filled circles represent the mean relative expression of pucB at different oxygen levels. In absence of oxygen, cells are grown in white light of 10 W/m2 light intensity and under semi-aerobic and aerobic conditions cells are grown in the dark. b The inhibition of pucB expression by high intensity white light in absence of oxygen. The data presented here are obtained from our analysis of the micro-array data. c The data obtained from our analysis that shows the known repression of PS genes by blue light illumination at an intermediate oxygen level (10% oxygen). Note that, like panel (a) the data presented in panels (b) and (c) come from multiple studies

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