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Fig. 7

From: Designing synthetic networks in silico: a generalised evolutionary algorithm approach

Fig. 7

Parameter optimisation of Repressilator systems. a Schematic of Repressilator system. b Evolution of the average optimal score across generations. Red lines = systems that show limit cycle oscillations over 10 periods, blue lines = systems that show damped oscillations over 10 periods. c Percentage of EA runs that produced optimal networks with stable or damped oscillations. d Relationship between individual parameters and the objective score (black lines). Selected lines represent the binding rates of Repressilator proteins (blue, dark blue and green lines). e Pairwise correlation between system parameters and the objective score (see Additional fileĀ 1: Table S9). f The number of generations from 272 EA runs until stable oscillations are found when either only the binding rates are evolved or all parameters are allowed to evolve

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