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Table 2 Explanation of Monitors (Tan Windows)

From: A simple and accurate rule-based modeling framework for simulation of autocrine/paracrine stimulation of glioblastoma cell motility and proliferation by L1CAM in 2-D culture

Monitor Explanation
Cell Count Gives the sum total of the cells in the simulation at any given time.
Avg. Motility Displays the average motility rate, in microns/ min, of the green cells (initially at the edge).
Time (hours) Shows the time elapsed in the simulation in hours.
theo. % S Displays the variable ā€œ%Sā€ so the user can see that the target number of cells in the S-phase throughout the simulation can be previewed based on varying the inhibition parameters.
% in S-phase Displays the current % of cells in the S-phase during the simulation.
Ligand Count Shows the total number of yellow ligand molecules (e.g., L1) in the simulation.
Cleaved Cells Shows the total number of cells that have crossed the scratch line.
Uncleaved Cells Shows the total number of cells that have not crossed the scratch line.
Phase Histogram (graph) Illustrates the count of cells in each phase of the cell cycle with a histogram.
Average Motilty (graph) Graphs the average motility of the green cells (initially at the scratch edge) throughout the simulation.
Cell Count (graph) Displays the counts of the various cells throughout the simulation.
Phase Cycle (graph) Graphs the percentage of cells in each phases of the cell cycle throughout the simulation.