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Table 1 List of parameters used in our model with their values and biological significance [79]

From: Composite mathematical modeling of calcium signaling behind neuronal cell death in Alzheimer’s disease

Parameters Value Biological significance
V 1 ml Total volume
uMmM 1000 Converts μM to mM
τ min 60 Converts minutes to seconds
p cytosol 0.5 Proportion of volume occupied my cytosol
d cytosol 75 mg/ml Density of cytosolic protein mg/ml
p mito 0.05 Proportion of volume occupied my mitochondria
d mito 1000 mg/ml Density of mitochondrial protein mg/ml
p er 0.1 Proportion of volume occupied my ER
d er 1000 mg/ml Density of ER protein mg/ml
c mito 0.0725 \(\frac {nmol}{mV*mg}\) Mitochondrial calcium concentration
ρ uni 300 \(\frac {nmol}{mg*min}\) Maximum rate of transport through mitochondrial uniporter
\(\rho _{Na}^{Ca} \) 3 \(\frac {nmol}{mg*min}\) Maximum rate of transport through Na+/Ca2+ exchanger
ρ res 0.4 Mitochondrial respiration co-efficient
ρ F 1 0.7 \(\frac {nmol}{mg*min} \) Mitochondria - Fo/F1 ATPase
[P i ] m 20 mM Concentration of free phosphates
ρ leak 0.2 \(\frac {nmol}{mg*min} \) Mitochondrial membrane proton leak
J red,basal 20 \(\frac {nmol}{mg*min}\) NADH reduction rate
J max,ANT 900 \(\frac {nmol}{mg*min}\) ATP/ADP antiport flux
glc 1 mM Glucose concentration in cytosol
J hyd,max 30.1 mM Cytosol hydrolysis of ATP
V IP3 3000 μM IP3 receptor volume
V leak 0.1 proportion of leakage from IP3 receptor
J leak 0.1 ER leak
d IP3 0.25 μM IP3 receptor sensitivity
d ACT 1 μM IP3 receptor Ca2+ activation constant
d INH 1.4 μM IP3 receptor Ca2+ inhibition constant
τ 4 s IP3 receptor inhibitory time constant
V serca 110 \(\frac {nmol}{mg*min}\) SERCA pump flux
k serca 0.4 μM SERCA pump Ca2+ sensitivity
V 1 0.0065 nM/s Constant rate of β-amyloid synthesis
V α 0.05 nM/s Maximal rate of β-amyloid synthesis
K α 120 nM Half-saturation constant
k β 0.2 nM3/s Rate constant of increased Ca2+ entry
K 1 0.01 s−1 Rate constant of β-amyloid elimination
n 2 Hill coefficient for activation of β-amyloid synthesis
m 4 Cooperativity coefficient
f m 0.0003 Mitochondrial Ca2+ buffering coefficient
f i 0.01 Cytosolic Ca2+ buffering coefficient