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Table 4 List of model ODEs from [79]

From: Composite mathematical modeling of calcium signaling behind neuronal cell death in Alzheimer’s disease

Equation Biological significance
dNADH m /dt=(J red J o )M/(uMmMV m minute) ODE for mitochondrial NADH concentration change (mM/s)
dADP m /dt=(J ANT Jp,TCAJp,F1)M/(uMmMV m minute) ODE for mitochondrial ADP concentration change (mM/s)
dADP i /dt=(−J ANT M+(J hyd Jp,gly)C)/(uMmMV c minute) ODE for cytosolic ADP concentration change (mM/s)
\(dPSI/dt= -\left (-J^{H}_{res} + J_{H,F1} + J_{ANT} +J^{H}_{PTP} +J^{H}_{L} +2*J_{uni} +2 * J^{Ca}_{PTP}\right) * M/\left (c_{mito} * minute \right)\) ODE for mitochondrial inner membrane voltage
dh/dt=(d INH −(CAC+d INH )h)/τ ODE for change in percentage of closed channels