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Fig. 7

From: Three-dimensional experiments and individual based simulations show that cell proliferation drives melanoma nest formation in human skin tissue

Fig. 7

Mathematical model confirms trends in nest formation data and predicts new results. Box plots of nest size, assuming the area of each melanoma agent is 20 × 20 = 400 μm2, for a typical realisation of the IBM for (a) proliferative melanoma agents; (b) non-proliferative melanoma agents; (c) proliferative melanoma agents where the proliferation rate is reduced by 50%; and, (d) proliferative melanoma agents where adhesion strength is reduced by 50%. In each case, outliers are indicated by red crosses. Results in (a-b) confirm the trends in Figs. 3c-d and 6e-f. Note the difference in the vertical scale in (c-d) compared to (a-b)

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