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Table 3 phenotypical effects of the deletion of gene relative to protein listed in HSIN3.0_MC in KO mice on male fertility

From: Putative human sperm Interactome: a networks study

N (%)
N (%)
Male infertility 5 (23.8) 96 (27.8)
Male hypofertility 3 (14.3) 60 (17.4)
Male fertility affected 3 (14.3) 95 (27.5)
Male fertility unaffected/normal phenotype 10 (47.6) 94 (27.2)
Total 21 (100) 345 (100)
  1. Male infertility: male KO is infertile; Male hypofertility: male KO has reduced fertility in comparison with wild type; Male fertility affected: KO mice have a damage in reproductive function with unclear or unknown effects on male fertility; Male fertility unaffected/normal phenotype: the KO mice have the same fertility of wild type