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Table 4 pathways downloaded from Reactome, to realize HSIN3.0

From: Putative human sperm Interactome: a networks study

Pathway Pathway ID (Reactome)
Apoptosis R-HSA-109581
Signalling to RAS R-HSA-167044
Signaling by Wnt R-HSA-195721
Signaling by EGFR R-HSA-177929
Cell Cycle, Mitotic R-HSA-69278
Regulation of mitotic cell cycle R-HSA-453276
Cell Cycle Checkpoints R-HSA-69620
Axon guidance R-HSA-422475
Regulation of insulin secretion R-HSA-422356
Signaling by Insulin receptor R-HSA-74752
Protein folding R-HSA-391251
Translation R-HSA-72766
tRNA Aminoacylation R-HSA-379724
L1CAM interactions R-HSA-373760
Metabolism of amino acids and derivatives R-HSA-71291
Triglyceride Biosynthesis R-HSA-75109
Metabolism of nucleotides R-HSA-15869
Gluconeogenesis R-HSA-70263
Glycolysis R-HSA-70171
Hexose transport R-HSA-189200
Hemostasis R-HSA-109582
Membrane Trafficking R-HSA-199991
Nucleosome assembly R-HSA-774815
Post-translational protein modification R-HSA-597592
ABC transporters in lipid homeostasis R-HSA-1369062
Signaling by Interleukins R-HSA-449147
Cholesterol biosynthesis R-HSA-191273
Metabolism of vitamins and cofactors R-HSA-196854
Mitochondrial fatty acid beta-oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids R-HSA-77288
Mitochondrial fatty acid beta-oxidation of saturated fatty acids R-HSA-77286
Peroxisomal lipid metabolism R-HSA-390918
Formation of ATP by chemiosmotic coupling R-HSA-163210