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Fig. 4

From: Single molecules can operate as primitive biological sensors, switches and oscillators

Fig. 4

BD1 system and the behaviour of altered topologies diverged from it. a Wiring diagram of the BD1 network. b Bifurcation (up) and time course (down) analysis of the BD1 network. The bifurcation diagram shows the changes in the steady states of the catalytic forms. The stable steady state (ss) is indicated by a straight line, the unstable steady state (us) is defined by the dashed-dot line, and the maxima and minima of oscillations (amp for amplitude) are shown by dashed lines. The phosphate donor for the time course diagram is set to nt = 4 AU. c Bifurcation analysis of the effect of the loss of one extra reaction from the BD1 network. The legend above each panel indicates which parameters have been removed (by name of the parameter and the arrow that represents it). Labels same as on panel (b)

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