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Table 3 Differential expression of alternate pathways/genes in knockout strains compared to wild type (RNAseq Data)

From: Reframing gene essentiality in terms of adaptive flexibility

Keio strain Experiment #, flask #, Predicted Log2(Fold Change) P-adjusted value
  clone/population alternate gene experiment vs. wild type  
Δ thrA Exp.1, Flask 5, Clone metL 2.18 2.06E-7
Δ thrA Exp.2, Flask 1, Population metL 1.13 3.48E-2
Δ ptsI Exp.1, Flask 5, Clone galP 1.73 2.50E-2
Δ ptsI Exp.3, Flask 1, Population galP 0.908 5.46E-1
Δ serB Exp.1, Flask 5, Clone hisB 3.75 3.60E-11
Δ serB Exp.4, Flask 1, Population hisB 3.28 2.36E-9